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Qualification Title

Occupational Certificate: Professional Principal Executive Officer

SAQA ID: 93602

NQF: Level 07

Credits: 150

Course Curriculum


1. Regulatory Framework for retirement fund

2. Internal Implementation & Monitoring of regulation

3. Operational & Finance structure of Qualification Management of retirement fund

4. Fund Governance & Strategic Leadership

This qualification includes knowledge, practical applied skills & experimental components.


The Weighting of each component;

Knowledge 50 credits

Practical Applied Skills 36 credits

Experience 64 Credits

1. External Integrated Summative Assessments (EISA) 

The EISA Assessments will take place on the following months; 

June and November.

Please click on the links below for more information about EISA and to download the relevant documents.


2. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Programme

Please click on the links below for more information about RPL and to download the relevant documentation.

 Terms and Conditions


  1. All submission requirements must be submitted by the required due dates to be eligible to write the final exam.

  2. All required fees must be paid with proof of payments submitted within the required timeframes.

  3. All information provided must be verifiable, complete and truthful.

Accreditation of Assessment Centres 

To view the list of accredited Assessment Centres available on the QCTO website, please click here

To download the Assessment Centre evaluation tool, please click here

Accreditation of Training Providers

Training service providers who wish to offer the PPEO qualification can register for accreditation directly with the QCTO.

  • To obtain accreditation as a Skills Development Provider, click here

  • To download the provider Accreditation Application Form, click here

  • To view the list of Accredited Providers on the QCTO website, click here

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