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Welcome to the Batseta on-boarding website. This website is designed to get you up to speed on what it means to be a Batseta member. We are delighted to have you as a member. Please take a moment to complete the On-Boarding programme.

On-boarding Welcome

Welcome to the Batseta on-boarding website. Batseta has wonderful tools available to assist you to be the best retirement fund trustee or principal officer you can be. 


How we Communicate with members: 


The practice is to communicate via the office of the Principal Officer.  We usually send our communication weekly. Please ask your Principal Officer about the latest correspondence. We advise all boards of fund to include Batseta matter as standing item on the Board agenda.

The value of these tools is approximately R100 000. They are included in your membership of Batseta.


Before we provide you with access to these tools, it is important that you complete our 10-minute on-boarding process. This will enable you to
fully utilise all of Batseta’s value offerings.



Please return to this site from time to time to get access to all the on-boarding tips, tools and resources we are making available to you to enhance your career as a retirement fund trustee or principal officer.

Please follow ALL the steps as detailed in On-boarding 1, 2 and 3 to access the Batseta Membership Value–Add tools.


On-boarding ONE

Register your


Read Our Code
Of Conduct

On-boarding THREE

Member Tools

On-boarding TWO

Understanding Your 
Training Plan

Understanding Your
Training Events


"Batseta is adding great value to practitioners in the retirement funding industry, especially with its recently introduced Imbasa Yegolide awards which challenges pension funds to be the best in the industry. Benchmarking against best practice is so important in a dynamic environment and I have the opportunity to identify gaps, address these and constantly be at the cutting edge of my game."

Sam Camilleri, NJMPF


Working Together


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