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Welcome to the Batseta on-boarding website. This website is designed to get you up to speed on what it means to be a Batseta member. We are delighted to have you as a member.

On-boarding 2


Thank you for completing On-boarding 1. By now you should have:

Registered your

Membership Account

In this On-boarding 2 you will:

Understand how we can assist your Fund with compiling and tracking your training plan

Understand how to access all our training events


As a member of Batseta, you will have access to a system that will assist you to compile and track your training plan as well as CPD points for all professional principal officers and trustees.

This is a quick and easy process.


Step One: Book your Fund’s online skills gap analysis (survey).

This tool assesses the skills of the board of trustees on a collective level as well as those of the individual trustees. The survey highlights areas of development in eight broad categories. These categories mirror the scope, depth and breadth of the duties, roles and responsibilities of trustees. Participants also have an opportunity to indicate in which of these categories they would like refresher training. The survey provides guidance as to how training plans can be tailored for the board as a collective, or for individual trustees and principal officers.


How is the survey conducted?
You will access the tool by following a link which will be provided to you once you have booked your Skills Gap Analysis. You will then complete 50 questions which will provide an indication of the development areas for new trustees or refresher requirements for experienced trustees.


Click here to book your Fund’s Skills Gap Analysis


Contact Jabu Mngxekeza at or 011 805 6340.

Step Two: Compile your fund’s training and/or Continuous Professional Development (CPD) plan

A fund is responsible for its own training and development planning. The fund may opt to put their own plan together or they may use the Batseta default option. The Batseta default option is current and relevant. 

The Fund can request Batseta to approve its training plan, whether it is the Fund’s own plan or the Batseta Default plan. By doing this, the Fund can be sure that its training plan is up to par with the rest of the industry and the Trustees and Principal Officer will be able to claim their CPD points.

Step Three: Manage your fund’s training plan with the help of Batseta’s MIS system

You will need to monitor your fund’s training and development activities. As a member, you have access to the Batseta Membership Information System (MIS).

It is a comprehensive electronic system that manages various aspects of the membership. One of the key functionalities relates to the management of training and CPD activities of retirement funds. The MIS system allows for the upload of the individual (trustee and principal officer) as well as collective (board) training and development plans. The MIS captures the various types of planned activities, assigns hourly based credits to indicate the time spent, schedules dates and times, and records learning achievements.

Various types of online reports are available. You can track and verify progress made with the implementation of your training and development plan.


Click here to book your Access and Training on the MIS system


Contact Jabu Mngxekeza at or 011 805 6340.

As a member you will receive a discount on all training events and opportunities throughout the year. These events are recognised in the industry as world-class, with specialists presenting industry best practices. By attending, you will be provided with an opportunity to meet with colleagues, share experiences and hear from industry experts. 

Learning events
The following learning events are available to you annually:

4 x Seminars in Cape Town and Johannesburg (Free)

2 x Seminars in Durban and Port Elizabeth (Free)

1 x Winter Conference (Reduced Rates)

Workshops on demand (Reduced Rates)

Batseta prescribed foundation courses

Batseta suggest that all members complete the following courses to ensure a basic level of knowledge:


  • FSCA toolkit

  • ASISA Academy Training Courses

These courses can either be conducted on-site at the offices of the Fund (minimum 10 delegates) or individuals can attend the open sessions arranged from time to time. 

How will I be notified of training opportunities?

• You can access the training calendar at any time throughout the year. Click here to access the training calendar.
• You will also receive an email invitation to all our training events (please ensure that we have your updated contact information; refer to On-boarding 1).

How do I register for the training events?
You will be able to register for all events either on our website or when you receive your emailed invitations.

What about other training interventions?
Batseta validates training programmes for Funds and for service providers to ensure that the quality of the training programme is at an industry standard. Visit our website for training events.

Click here to Submit a Training Programme for validation


Contact Jabu Mngxekeza at or 011 805 6340.


You should now have the information to compile and track your training plan and you should also understand how to access and register for all training events. 
Please click here to proceed to On-boarding 3, the final step in your on-boarding process. 

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