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Welcome to the Batseta on-boarding website. This website is designed to get you up to speed on what it means to be a Batseta member. We are delighted to have you as a member.

On-Boarding 1


Welcome to the Batseta on-boarding website. Please return to this site from time to time to get access to all the on-boarding tips, tools and resources we are making available to you to enhance your career as a retirement fund trustee or principal officer.

On-boarding ONE

Register your


Read Our Code
Of Conduct


As a member of Batseta, you will be able to log into your account on the Member Information System.  This is a comprehensive electronic system that manages various aspects of your membership. Batseta supports the requirements of the POPI Act and your information is therefore secure and will NOT be shared with any third party.


You will also be able to update your contact information on this system to allow us to communicate with you at all times. Batseta will send you regular information on industry developments, training events, tools available to members and other helpful value-add services. In order for you to maximise the value to be derived from these, we will need to have your latest contact information.


Steps to register your Account (Please do so now):


Step One

Go to and click on the "MyBatseta Login" button on the home page.

Step Two

Click on New user on the screen below

login 1.png

Step Three

Click on New user on the screen below



Thank you for registering your Membership Account.


You are now registered on our Member Information System. We will show you in On-Boarding 2 how this Member Information System will add value to your life.


A Pension Fund member: Trustees of a pension fund registered as a member of Batseta will automatically become a member of Batseta for the duration of his/her term of office. You will have voting rights


Professional Member: Any person who satisfies the Board that such person is a duly appointed practicing Principal Officer and Deputy Principal Officer. These members have voting rights.


Affiliate Member: Any person who is employed by a pension fund, may apply to the Board to be accepted as an Affiliate Member of Batseta. An Affiliate Member has no voting rights.


As a member you will have voting rights in electing the Board of Directors of Batseta. An election will be run every three years and you will be allowed to vote. If you are an eligible member, you can also be nominated to become a board member or serve on a sub-committee. 

You can apply to serve on the following sub-committees: 


  • Governance, Legal & Technical Committee

  • Education & Training Committee

  • Marketing Committee

  • Finance & Audit Committee

  • HR & Remuneration Committee

If you are interested in serving on any of these committees, contact Batseta at


As a member of Batseta, you will be required to act in accordance with our Code of Conduct at all times. The Code of Conduct confirms that all Batseta members prescribe to fit and proper standards which is expected of a Trustee or Principal Officer. 

The Code of Conduct covers:

•    Acting with professional integrity
•    Conflicts of interest
•    Communications and disclosure
•    Courtesy and cooperation

It is also important that you understand your duties should a breach of the code occur. 


You should now have registered on the Member Information System and read the Code of Conduct.

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