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On-Boarding 1

On-boarding ONE

Step Two

Click on New user on the screen below

Step Three

Click on New user on the screen below


Thank you for registering your Membership Account.


You are now registered on our Member Information System. We will show you in On-Boarding 2 how this Member Information System will add value to your life.

A Pension Fund member: Trustees of a pension fund registered as a member of Batseta will automatically become a member of Batseta for the duration of his/her term of office. You will have voting rights


Professional Member: Any person who satisfies the Board that such person is a duly appointed practicing Principal Officer and Deputy Principal Officer. These members have voting rights.


Affiliate Member: Any person who is employed by a pension fund, may apply to the Board to be accepted as an Affiliate Member of Batseta. An Affiliate Member has no voting rights.