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Here you will find CPD activities to complete which allows you to claim CPD points. 


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Smart Technology for Smart People

Digital is taking over the world. Our way of working and the skills required in our working places keep changing and lifelong and agile learning thus becomes essential. To keep up with the constantly changing and growing expectations of the retirement fund industry, we understand that as industry professionals you need to equip yourself with new requirements for learning and career management. Learning continuously is one of our principles at Batseta – getting better is what drives us. This is why we have created this e-Learning Hub – a unique collaborative digital community where we can all learn, develop and get better.

We have designed this Batseta e-Learning Hub with you in mind to stimulate learning and provide you with best practices and tools for your career success. Our hub is home to a wide range of industry resources that aid learning and skills advancement. This technologically enhanced multi-media learning environment integrates images, video, text with local and international content into a single learning experience, all accessible from your PC and mobile device.

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The e-Learning Hub has been created by Batseta in partnership with our Corporate sponsors.

In short, this Hub demonstrates our commitment to ensure that we help all industry professionals to maintain and nurture their skills and competencies. As a registered professional body, Batseta is authorised to offer a CPD programme to designated professionals within the retirement fund industry.

Let us guide you through these curated learning experiences.


The e-Learning hub content and CPD points are free only to Batseta members and Corporate sponsors.

Non-members and Service providers will have to pay a small fee to receive their CPD certificate after completing the questionnaire.

Broad Macro-Economic

Here you will find readings and videos related to Broad Macro-Economic topics to be completed for CPD points.


Global Market Perspective

Craig Botham, Senior Emerging Markets Economist, and Sean Markowicz, Strategist - Research & Analytics, share their insight on the economic outlook and the recent surge in stock markets. While tens of millions of Americans were losing their jobs, the stock market in April produced its best monthly return in over 30 years. They examine what is behind this apparent disconnect and what the future could hold.

1 CPD Point

Duration: 22 minutes

Private Equity Investments

Here you will find readings and videos related to Private Equity topics to be completed for CPD points.

How can private equity investors ensure capital is put to work through the Covid-19 crisis?

The Covid-19 crisis may interfere with the steady deployment of private equity capital. Investors will need to evolve their traditional view of the market to keep their money working as hard as possible.

1 CPD Point

Duration: 12 minute read


Strategic Asset Allocation

Here you will find readings and videos related to Strategic Asset Allocation topics to be completed for CPD points.


Hard Questions. Better Answers – Unpacking Evidence-Based Investing

Join financial journalist, Gugulethu Mfuphi, as she unpacks an evidence-based investment approach. Hear from several global and local thought-leaders on a range of topics, including asset class returns through time, benefits of index investing, factor investing, risk management, personal finance and contemporary financial advice

1 CPD Point

Duration: 48 minute video

Strategic Asset Allocation

Here you will find readings and videos related to Strategic Asset Allocation topics to be completed for CPD points.


We are delighted to bring you the sixth edition of our TOMORROW publication. Testament to the significance of this year’s topic was the enthusiastic response from those approached to contribute to the publication. 

2 CPD Points

12 questions



2 CPD Points

10 questions


How cheap is SA_Can we make money even in this COVID environment

OR view the video content here.

0.25 CPD Point

10 questions



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