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Validations Framework


Batseta Council of retirement Funds for South Africa (Batseta) is a Professional Body registered by SAQA under the NQF Act 67 of 2008 and thereby duly delegated to maintain standards and professionalism in the Retirement Fund sector.  The following designations are registered with SAQA:

  • Chartered Principal Executive Officer (CPEO)

  • Associate Principal Executive Officer (APEO)

Relevance to CPD

For a designated member of Batseta to maintain his/her Professional designation, a certain complement of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training hours must be completed over a 2 year cycle.  In addition to this, the law requires that Trustees must also maintain their competencies. Competency development may take the form of various training activities, detailed in our CPD framework.  Members will be encouraged to check with Batseta if training activities are validated by Batseta as this could influence their ability to claim the CPD points for the training activity.

Why a dedicated validation framework?

In order for Batseta to maintain a reliable and structured stream of training activities into the sector that is quality assured, we encourage service providers of the various training activities, to register with Batseta to supply their service offerings into the Retirement Fund Sector.  Our members will benefit greatly from this bouquet of training that we will create and also service providers will benefit to have their service offerings be marketed on our membership platform.

Validation of training material and events

To achieve the level of quality in respect of the training and development of members, we have begun the process of validating training events, training courseware, professional readings and all other relevant training activities.  All service providers are invited to submit their courseware and information on events to be validated. 

Use of Batseta trademarks

All material that has been validated will receive a validation number for the duration of the validation.  The validation process will allow service providers to use the Batseta logo on all their training courseware and training events as agreed to in writing. There is an added benefit that service provider’s service offerings will be published on Batseta website.



  • Direct awareness to Batseta membership base and designated members for all training interventions

  • A regulated quality system of training in the sector

  • A greater bouquet of quality training offering to the sector


Service Providers who have Institutional accreditation at either a SETA or another industry body would be exempt from the validation process.  An application should still be made to Batseta to regulate the usage of the Batseta logo, but would be exempt from the validation process.  The necessary proof of accreditation would still be applicable.