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Training Framework

Recognition of Batseta as a Professional Body

South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) has approved the recognition of Batseta as a Professional Body for the purposes of the NQF Act, Act 67 of 2008 on 22 November 2013.  It has also approved the registration of the following designations on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF):

  • Chartered Principal Executive Officer (CPEO)

  • Associate Principal Executive Officer (APEO)

Batseta will be bound to the prescribed Policy and Criteria for the recognition of a Professional Body and the registration of Professional Designations as outlined in the NQF Act of 2008.

Batseta will upload its data and data on Professional Designations to the National Learners Records Database (NLRD).

Batseta is the only industry body in the Retirement Funds sector to be awarded this prestigious honour by SAQA.

Recognition of Batseta as an AQP and DQP by the QCTO

Batseta is has been appointed by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) as the Assessment Quality Partner (AQP) and the Development Quality Partner (DQP) for the following Occupational Qualification: Principal Professional Executive Officer (PPEO), SAQA code 134901.  The qualification is registered on the NQF at Level 7.

Batseta is also appointed as the AQP for the Trustee qualification that is currently being developed in collaboration with the Financial Services Board (FSB).  This qualification is aimed at NQF 5 level.

Training and Development Committee (A subcommittee of the Governing Board)

The Education and Training Committee is the overarching structure which maintains the following functions within Education and Training at Batseta:

  • Oversee Trustee and Principal Officer training Professional Training Programmes

  • Manage Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for all members and designated members

  • Maintain the quality standards of the delegated functions as set out by the QCTO for being an AQP

  • Maintain quality in all recognized designations as prescribed by SAQA

  • Make recommendations to the Governing Board on matters related to Skills Development in the Retirement Fund sector

Frequently Asked Questions on Training and Development

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