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Qualification Title

Occupational Certificate: Professional Principal Executive Officer (Retirement Fund Trustees)

SAQA ID: 99574

NQF: Level 05

Credits: 120


1. Retirement fund Governance 

2. Legal requirmements for retirement fund

3. Operation of retirement fund

3. Governance of fund assets

4. Financial Management  of retirement fund

5. Risk Management of retirement fund


Knowledge 48 Credits

Practical Skill 48 Credits

Experience 24 Credits 

Examinations are conducted 3 times per annum in February, August and October. 

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Programme

Please click on the links below for more information about RPL and to download the relevant documentation.

 Terms and Conditions


  1. All submission requirements must be submitted by the required due dates to be eligible to write the final exam.

  2. All required fees must be paid with proof of payments submitted within the required timeframes.

  3. All information provided must be verifiable, complete and truthful.

Accreditation of Assessment Centres 

To view the list of accredited Assessment Centres available on the QCTO website, please click here

To download the Assessment Centre evaluation tool, please click here

Skills Development Providers

1. The Skills Bench     Support center; 011 446 8033

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