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2024 batseta winter conference

Dear Retirement Fund Professional

We are pleased to share that our winter conference registration is finally open. The Batseta Winter Conference 2024 will be held from 29 to 31 July 2024 at Sun City Convention Centre.



This year's theme is "#Cultivating Sustainability & Inclusion now".



The famous Hippopotamus Mate​ chess move and Batseta's Retirement Funds Conference strategy may seem unrelated at first glance, but upon closer examination, they share a common goal in creating strategies that promote sustainability and inclusivity.


The 2024 Batseta Winter Conference will be a platform for local and global experts and fiduciaries to discuss how retirement funds can contribute to the just transition imperatives, climate goals, and social development aligning to principles of ESG practices, impact investing, and infrastructure investment which are imperative to the sector.

Additionally, topics such as reporting requirements, transformation, governance best practices, and regulatory environment will be explored, highlighting the need for transparency and accountability in sustainable finance by connecting these seemingly distinct analogies of chess strategies to financial conferences, we can foster a holistic approach toward achieving long-term sustainability and inclusive growth.




In the game of chess, there exists a brilliant strategy known as the "Hippopotamus Mate," which can be used to achieve a checkmate within a mere six moves. We have identified our own 6 Moves to integrate sustainability & inclusion in your retirement fund decision-making processes. This is a winning strategy that funds could action to be ready for any future re-match


We are looking forward to a rich and impactful event... Register NOW

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